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Listing # Title Composer Arranger Grade Style
230When Sunny Gets BlueFisher, MarvinMatteson, Rich5Swing
342When the SaintsEversole - Baritone3Vocal Solo
263When the Saints Go Marchin'Orotne3Popular
158When the Saints Go Marching inAnthonyLeonard3
1066When the Stars Began to FallAllen, F.j.3Chorale
398When We're TogetherHooper, Les4Ballad
558When Yuba Plays the RumbaHupfeld, HermanSchoenfeld - Tuba3Solo
85Where Has It GoneTaylor, Jeff3Ballad/rock
181Where Is the LoveMacdonald, RalphBroadbent, Alan4Rock
504Whiffenpoof SongMinnigero, MeadeYoder3Popular
1091Whistler and His Dog, thePryor, a3Novelty
546Whistling ShoemakerKlein, John3March
287White ChristmasBerlinLeidzen3Christmas
374White ChristmasBerlin, IrvingJennings, Paul3Holiday
529White ChristmasBerlin, Irving Holmes2Christmas
753White Peacock, theGriffesErickson4March
294White Silver SandsMatthewsLeonard3
257White Sport Coat, aRobbins3
150Whittenpoof Song, theMinnigerode Pomeroy GallowayYoder3
546Who Me?Foster, FrandCarubia, Mike3Blues
931Who Puts His Trust in God Most Just Bach, J.s.James Croft3Chorale
170Who's Sorry NowSnyder, TedNestico, Sammy4Swing
1205Wicked, Selections fromSchwartz, StephenBocook, Jay4Musical
872Wilderness Overture, aSpears, Jared3Overture
73William TellRossiniLeidzen4Overture
362William TellRossiniLeidzen4Trans
543William Tell Overture 1RossiniLeckrone3
250Willow EchoesSimonTr Solo4Solo
129Willow GoldNestico, Sammy4Ballad
454Windjammer (hi-lights)Gould4Original

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