2017 Summer Information


Bonner Park Concert

Each Monday evening from 7-9 pm, June 12 - August 14 at the Sentinel High School Band Room, 901 South Ave W.


Each Wednesday evening from 8-9 pm, June 20 - August 16 at the Bonner Park Band Shell, corner of Ronald & Hastings
Our 1st concert will be on Tuesday, June 20 to accomodate Paul Simon!!
Special gigs:
July 4 at the Southgate Mall at 9:30 pm, and Seeley Lake at 8 am!, & an Osprey game on Tuesday, July 25th at 7..



Participation is open to all adult music makers and selected high school students with an application/recommendation/audition. A complete summer commitment is not necessary - come as you can.


Folders may be checked out for practice through the librarian. The folders must be present for each rehearsal & concert - without exception! Call Amanda if you have any concerns at (406) 240-0230.


You can 'opt out' of payment to benefit our band! This is a semi-pro gig. The City of Missoula allows us a little money to pay th ebills and salaries, and then split the balance evenly between interested adult members with at least an 80% attendance rate at rehersals/gigs.

Additional Info