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The Missoula City Band announces its summer series for 2021. For way over a hundred years, we have been playing fine band music for the public in our open-air concerts. We continue this grand tradition with renewed spirit.

Concerts are on each Wednesday evening at the Bonner Park Bandshell (corner of Ronald & Hastings Streets, in the University Area), at 8 pm; June 16 – August 11. This community service is provided by the generous support of the City of Missoula, many talented musicians, supporters, and YOU!

Wednesday, June 16 is our special “Missoula Big Band” pre-season special, followed each week with our City Band & guest soloists Please bring a chair, (wear a mask) and enjoy the wonderful experience that is just so Missoula!

The music is great, the venue cool & sublime, the experience; part of what makes our town such a wonderful place to be in the summer. Come and enjoy a concert of fine band music entertainment. You’ll be glad you did!
Thank You, Gary Gillett 406-241-6365


Band Members, we will contact you about rehersals. 


Each Wednesday evening from 8-9 pm, June 17 - August 12 at the Bonner Park Band Shell, corner of Ronald & Hastings



Participation is open to all adult music makers and selected high school students with an application/recommendation/audition. A complete summer commitment is not necessary - come as you can.


Folders may be checked out for practice through the librarian. The folders must be present for each rehearsal & concert - without exception! Call Amanda if you have any concerns at (406) 240-0230.


You can 'opt out' of payment to benefit our band! This is a semi-pro gig. The City of Missoula allows us a little money to pay the bills and salaries, and then split the balance evenly between interested adult members with at least an 80% attendance rate at rehersals/gigs.

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